Lifelong Learning

Around the time I left academe, when outcomes-based education was in full furor, one of the concepts bandied around was “lifelong learning.” It sounded like another motherhood statement that hardly needed saying. Then again, it was an idea that I could get behind, inclined as I was to picking up new things, even as a dabbler.

Fast forward six years (and one crummy presidency) later, I’m feeling “lifelong learning” in full force. At work, I’m neck deep in data engineering, moving and analyzing up to 100,000 transactions per hour (which, I am told, would actually be on the low end of Big Data.) Such tasks require me to get into commercial cloud computing because a simple server just won’t do anymore. And coding, yes, at my age, I’m still coding.

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Like any new experience, parenting is adding new words to my vocabulary. Take “threenager”, for example. Up until two months ago, I didn’t know someone had coined this portmanteau, and that it was actually in common use in parenting blogs.

The revelation started with an observation about my daughter D–‘s current developmental stage. D– has always been quite expressive and her vocabulary pickup has been fast. Owing to this, her “terrible twos” were mitigated somewhat, because she didn’t have to suffer from the frustration of the inability to communicate.

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Into the Sunset

This week, I’ve had to contend with two deaths, one private and one public.  Such is life as one gets older, I suppose, that one has to face mortality ever more often as friends and contemporaries go into the sunset.

The public death, as one could easily guess, is Benigno Aquino III, more popularly known as “Noynoy” and “PNoy.”  He was 61 — much too young in these days of interminably long life spans — and only ten years distant from my own.  The news came as a complete surprise and I only stumbled into it while idly scrolling through my feeds.

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