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Back to basics

This year I'm bringing this blog back to basics. No more WordPress, no more fiddling around with themes and templates. Just good old HTML and the infinite canvas of one single web page.

Consider this an experiment in simplicity. Every start of the year I would try to jumpstart my blogging, but it would soon fizzle out. I'm testing the theory that the tools were getting in the way, as well as the whole mindset of interactivity with some audience. So now there is really just...this page. No posts, no categories, no comments, not even RSS.

My only concession to modernity here is that I'm using Simple.css for CSS styling. This might change over time as I learn about generators like Hugo but in the meantime, I'll stick with the bare simplicity of HTML.

And so...what about The Audience? Social media having become the cesspool that it is, I'd really rather not hear from anyone unless they're my friends. My friends know how to reach me.

With that, there's nothing else to say but...Happy New Year!