Meanwhile at work


It’s been four months since the last transmission, said essay concerning mid-life, written at that time that I resolved to be more regular and frequent with my updates. Look how dismally that’s turned out. I’m sorry.

Of the list of ready excuses, the one that immediately pops to mind is: I’ve been busy. Believe it or not I’ve been named CIO of the company I work for (though I’m not sure whether the position is interim or permanent.) If it sounds like I should be enjoying many more perks, it doesn’t. It just means that my scope has gotten wider and I am tackling bigger problems. Truth be told, the title hasn’t quite sunk in, even though I’ve been carrying it for these same four months. As I said, I am too engrossed with the work to give it much thought. And the pay? Ah, yes, the pay. Hmm-hmm. The pay. Hmm-hmmm….

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In less than two weeks, I’ll be turning 49 but Chinese tradition apparently shuns the nines so I’ll be celebrating the day as my 50th instead. Whether 49 or 50, I’m not sure exactly how to feel. This is what they call mid-life, along with its attendant crises, many of which I can now attest to after having experienced them first-hand.

All things considered, where I am is not a bad place to be. I have a string of accomplishments that I can look back on, I have passed on and continue to pass on what I know, my financial position is stable, and I have a happy home life. Excepting problems with eyesight and the inevitable maintenace medicines, my health is good. As I said, not a bad place to be.

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