Meanwhile at work


It’s been four months since the last transmission, said essay concerning mid-life, written at that time that I resolved to be more regular and frequent with my updates. Look how dismally that’s turned out. I’m sorry.

Of the list of ready excuses, the one that immediately pops to mind is: I’ve been busy. Believe it or not I’ve been named CIO of the company I work for (though I’m not sure whether the position is interim or permanent.) If it sounds like I should be enjoying many more perks, it doesn’t. It just means that my scope has gotten wider and I am tackling bigger problems. Truth be told, the title hasn’t quite sunk in, even though I’ve been carrying it for these same four months. As I said, I am too engrossed with the work to give it much thought. And the pay? Ah, yes, the pay. Hmm-hmm. The pay. Hmm-hmmm….

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Leaving Academia

I stumbled into university teaching back in 2008. I was three years out of my last corporate job, a year out of managing the pharmacy in Dumaguete, back in Davao bouncing around with no real plan, and I finagled a part time gig at Ateneo which a year later became full time, master’s degree included.

I stumbled out of university teaching back in 2015. If I trace it back to its proximate cause, I stronglyu suspect it was when they asked me to become OIC assistant dean of computer studies the summer prior. Silly me, I accepted.

If it hadn’t been for that year-long stint as OIC assistant dean, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to take a paid semester off. One doesn’t equate to the other, of course, and I certainly never planned it that way. But this is how it happened:

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